Tuesday, February 2, 2010

They say it's my Birthday....

So, it just so happens to be my Birthday down here, which is funny since it won't be my B-day till tomorrow back home. I spent my special day packing up stuff that I didn't need and mailing it back to Michigan, I didn't feel like dragging my excess baggage all over the Pacific.

I was hoping to do something fun today , unfortunately the supply vessel is here bringing all the goods for the coming year and that means the bars are all closed for the week and they won't sell any alcohol in the store ( apparently the vessel guys are known for being drunk asses ), on top of that there are no good movies on TV BLAH.

While I would have really enjoyed watching a game of nekked rugby while eating my cake ( I did have cake but I had to make it myself ), I'll just have to put that off until I get to New Zealand or Australia.

It was chilly and really windy this morning otherwise I would have gone for a hike over to Scott Base to pick some things up from the shop there ( still have a few souverniers to buy) or up to Observation Hill to get some more pictures of the surrounding landscapes.

Feel free to send cards or wire me money :-)


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