Thursday, May 6, 2010

OMG! I have been so lazy!!

During my travels back to the States I got so lazy as far as keeping up with my Blog and adding pictures so now I'm gonna back track and post in order from when I left the Ice ( Antarctica ) until what I'm doing now... I will have to do it in several posts though LOL

Unfortunately the weather at the station had become rather crappy my last days there and I wasn't able to do much as far as hiking.. I pretty much spent the days deciding what I wanted to keep with me to travel what I wanted to leave there and what I wanted to mail back home. I ended up mailing back two suitcases full of uneeded clothing and souveniers which definately lighted my load, I really didn't want to drag all that stuff through new Zealand and Australia.
The pics I put on here are of the Emperor penguin that wandered onto the runway the day of my flight.. the firemen had to keep shooing it away so that it wasn't in the path of the plane ( I wonder if it was a sign that it didn't want me to go LOL )
Then there is what I'll refer to as the preflight lounge.. we all had to stand out on the runway waiting for the plane to land before we could leave.. I think they could have at least offered us some cocoa or shots of whiskey ( it was and 9 degrees and the wind was kicking )
Next pic is of Rachel the baking assistant at McMurdo and one of my favorite people to work with, she had gotten the job there after graduating for the Baking and Pastry program at Johnson and Wales... the type of culinary school I only wish I could have afforded. I'm hoping to be on the first flights back there in August so that I can see her again.. she's such a happy and positive person.
That's me in my parka waiting for the plane.. I had to stand behind the Terrabus to block the wind from blowing my hood down. Brrrrrr
And finally there is the sun as it's slowing working it's way down the horizon, it won't be full darkness till like mid-April and from the weather reports I see that it's getting progressively colder ( -30 with the wind right now )
I left the ice and 5 short hours later landed in Christchurch , New Zealand of course the plane didn't get in until almost midnight and then we all had to turn in out work uniforms and cold weather gear before being shuttled to our various hotels for some well deserved rest in comfy queen beds rather than the little twins we had all become used to.

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