Friday, May 7, 2010

Christchurch, One more time!

This time back in Christchurch I had alot more time to kill since there was no rush for me to get to work anywhere. I did need to stay in town during my week there in order to have my bloddwork done for the next season ( I figured I'd get it done while I was there and let the company foot the bill ), if not for doing that I would have traveled the islands as many of my co-workers did.
The city has an amazing Botanical Gardens and I spent much time wandering through them.. it was quite helpful that the main gate was right across from the YMCA where I stayed. I booked a dorm room there so I had 5 other roomies during my stay but for only $18 a night I wasn't going to complain especially since most of my days were spent wandering around the city.
The annual garden festival was going on and there we're a huge number of special display throughout the city for the event, one of my favorites being the grass growing on the side of the museum with a lawn mower fastened to the builing as if it were mowing the grass.
I spent one day out at Brighton, a beach front suburb where I got to watch people crab fishing from the pier and others surfing in the early morning tide.
There are many statues scattered in Christchurchs various parks ( they have a lot of parks ) and here is a picture of the one deticated to Robert Scott , one of the original explorers racing to discover the Antarctic and make it to the South Pole. The photos of his hut from the early expeditions are among my post while on the ice.
I also spent much of my time blowing through my money ( not really ) by eating out( real food ) with many of my co-workers as they arrived throughout the week to Christchurch, there are so many truly fantastic restaurants with awesome food and great beer as well :-)
My time threre many not have sounded too exciting but I certainly enjoyed myself, it's a beautiful city in a beautiful country and I can't wait to go back and explore it even more.

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