Monday, July 11, 2011

Rec. Trip #1: Cape Evans

Periodically throughout the summer season the on station recreation department sets up trips for stations workers to go out and see the sights either on Ross Island or the surrounding ice shelf. One such trip was to Cape Evans on the west side of Ross Island, the cape was discovered during Robert Falcon Scotts "Discovery Expedition " and was originally named the skuary.

Scott's second expedition, the "British Antarctic Expedition" built it's head quarters there and renemed the cape for Lieutenant Edward Evans of the Royal Navy who was second in command for the expedition. The headquarters building still exists on the site and is known as Scott's Hut.

A Delta, one of the many specialized vehicles brought down to the continent and relied on for personnel transport in the harsh environment.

Luckily on the drive to Cape Evans across the frozen Ross Sea we were able to stop and see Icebergs that were trapped in the frozen waters for the winter until the seasonal thaw freed them to continue their way out to the open ocean.

ME! during the long walk around the ice berg.

The following are interior shots of the hut at Cape Evans, all the original artifacts were left here intact, essentially frozen in time ( HA!) . The penguin carcass is pretty much mummified as are the seal piles of seal skins.

Lab equipment is all left in it's orignal places in the make shift lab in the hut.

Unamed Island ( meaning i don't know it's name ) in the distance.

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