Tuesday, July 5, 2011

WOW!, have I been lazy

In can't beleive that I haven't posted anything on here since May of 2010, Sorry if I dissapointed any folks that were looking forward to some amazing pictures ( see above ) of my second and now third season on the Ice at McMurdo.

The above picture is of some of the amazing auroras I've been able to see down here this winter season, and it is most definately one of the things that has made staying for the winter worth every cold dark minute.

My summer season ( 2010-11) was alot of fun as well as a lot of work, the station was over capacity several times during the season with flights coming and going and the living quarters were quite close, having to share a small room with 3 others.

I will post pics from throughout the summer when I have my laptop hooked up the the network ( all my pics are on it ), there was alot more to see this year than my first season down, I was able to do a few boondoggles with one of them being to the South Pole ( that's where my new face pic is from )

Looking forward to updating this and hope everyone enjoys the pics as well as my run-on sentences and utter lack of proper punctuation.


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